Welcome To Eagle Academy Pune. Now Join the Online Course. Important Tip : Select the best Academy by personally visiting and checking the background of the Faculty. Do a thorough inquiry from your friends/past students and then join. Prepare well before you go for your SSB. Check the number of successful students from the academy. More than 1630 students are officers today from Eagle Academy. Our Next Batch for CDSE (II) 2020 and AFCAT starts from Sept 2020 to Nov 2020 for two months. Today More than 3% (Approx 1630+) officers of Indian Armed Forces are students of Eagle Academy & numbers are increasing daily. I feel very proud. Wish you a Very Successful 2020 to fulfill your dreams.

Director Message

In the very short span since inception of this Academy, I have been successful in making a large number of aspiring girls and boys realise their dreams of donning the Service Officer’s uniform. I am extreemly proud that today approximately 3% officers in the Armed Forces are from Col Khandekar's Eagle Academy. I also feel very satisfied that I have successfully coached a number of aspiring JCOs, NCO’s & Other Ranks to be commissioned as Officers, and have made their ambition also come true.

A lot of emphasis is being laid in my Academy on the Women Entry (Officers). This Academy welcomes the war-widows and feel it as a matter of Honour to train and help them to become Officers.

It is very very important to select the correct training academy as it can result in an individuals Selection or Rejection at the SSB. So you must find out from friends and ex-students, meet the people who are going to train, do a thorough background check, get proper feedback and then join the best Academy.