Welcome To Eagle Academy Pune. Now Join the Online Course. Important Tip : Select the best Academy by personally visiting and checking the background of the Faculty. Do a thorough inquiry from your friends/past students and then join. Prepare well before you go for your SSB. Check the number of successful students from the academy. More than 1630 students are officers today from Eagle Academy. Our Next Batch for CDSE (II) 2020 and AFCAT starts from Sept 2020 to Nov 2020 for two months. Today More than 3% (Approx 1630+) officers of Indian Armed Forces are students of Eagle Academy & numbers are increasing daily. I feel very proud. Wish you a Very Successful 2020 to fulfill your dreams.

About us

Col Prakash Khandekar completed his ISC from Mount St Mary's, New Delhi in 1971 and joined the 46th Course, Lima Sqn, NDA as an Army Cadet in June 1971. He graduated as Cadet Sergeant Major (CSM) of 'LION' Squadron in 1974 and graduated after obtaining BSc degree (JNU).

He then joined the Indian Military Academy, Imphal Company, Dehradun - June 1974 and was commissioned on 15 Jun 1975 into the Corps of Electronics & Mechanical Engineering (EME) also known as The "EAGLES" as a Second-Lieutenant (2/Lt).

He obtained a BE degree from Osmania University on graduating from CME (Pune) & Military College of EME (Secunderabad). Besides doing various military he did courses including Fundamentals & Programming, System Analysis and Design, Group Testing Officers Course & PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management). In his 24 year career in the Army he served in various assignments. Notable amongst these were -

Independent command of a Light Repair Workshop at Allahabad & Field Repair Workshop in Rajasthan.

Raised and subsequently commanded the Hi-Tech Workshop in the elite "Black Cat Commando" organization known as The National Security Guards at New Delhi.

Was Trained by the Defence Institute of Psychological Research, New Delhi and the Services Selection Centre , Allahabad, He then served as a Senior Group Testing Officer at the Bangalore Services Selection Centre for approximately 4 years.

Commanded a Transport EME Battalion, 39 EME Battalion (Transport), in the Northern Sector for 1 1/2 years before seeking pre-mature retirement from Army after completion of 24 years of commissioned service.

He is currently the sole Director of Col Khandekar's EAGLE ACADEMY. He also worked as a Consultant with Behavioral Science Centre (I) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.

He is also a visiting trainer and consultant for CADETS of the renowned institutions of Maharashtra ,viz; Sainik School, Satara, and Services Preparatory Institute (SPI), Aurangabad.

He is also a Founder Director of VSS Consultants, which is a leading organisation in the country working in the niche area of Assessment & Development Centres & Competency Management mainly catering to MNCs and leading Corporate Organisations. He is also a consulting Faculty with SCMLD, Pune. He is a trainer and has conducted various 'Train the Trainer' Programmes.